About Us

HENGXIANG (HK) INDUSTRY LIMITED is a professional electronic jump rope designer and manufacturer located in Dongguan city, China. Our engineering team dedicate in designing unique and innovative jump ropes which can bring users exciting experience and make audience screaming.

Our Model S series skipping ropes already gained international patent through Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). It can display the blue light counting numbers in front of players in air. Both the audience and players can see the numbers directly. This new invention got a lot of attention and compliment when we published the goods the first time on 117th Canton Fair.

Model B electronic jump rope is a LED shining rope. It can change the color according to the player’s jump speed. If the speed is less than 90 cycles per minute, the color would be blue (or green). When the speed reaches 90 to 150 cycles per minute, the color would change to green (or red, blue). If the speed is over 150 cycles, both colors would shine at the same time. The beautiful scene would surely catch your eyes firmly.

Do you want to distribute our cool jump ropes in your city or country? Contact us! We would be pleased to provide our best service and fascinating products to you.