• why need pay the sample fee for our review & testing?
    • First our product is been have our own professional engineering and technical team to design and development. It’s had gained international patent through Patent cooperation Treaty .also we will protect the benefit of our all sales agents .wholesalers. and avoid our peers get the samples easily and copy. We need to charge some sample fee. Many thanks for your understandings.

  • Why can’t pay the cost according to the big order fee?
    • This is we identify big buyers with individual buyers. If anyone can get the cheapest sample very easy, it’s not fair by our really dealer.

  • how to get the sole agency or territory agent?
    • Get the agency for one area or sales channel, you need to sell reasonable amount in one limited time. The specific selling number will be determined according to the market volume of the whole area or channel.

      Note: if you are a powerful dealer, we will give you protection for about 2~3 months, without conditional support. but if you couldn't reach to the expected sales within this time, we will consider to change.

      nvestigation found you are a strong of the dealer, we will give unconditional support in 2-3 months duration of protection. If not, we will re-consider or cancel.

  • Patent Certification
  • SGS Certification
  • Is the customizing service available for LED skipping rope?
    • Yes, customizing service is available for LED skipping rope. The rope length, handle color, and LED color can be customized, but MOQ for each item might be needed.


      Customized rope length, MOQ: 1000 pcs

      Customized handle color, MOQ: 10000 pcs

      Customized LED color, MOQ: 10000 pcs

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